Make Anyplace a Marketplace

A New Breed of Commerce Enabled by Decentralization

The SesameOpen Protocol uses the blockchain and token economics to solve the problem of product discovery in ecommerce. By enabling high-traffic venues to curate and promote products to consumers, SesameOpen accelerates the growth of a new commerce channel.


Product Discovery Is Broken in Ecommerce

Ecommerce websites are overloaded with millions of products. As a result, consumers struggle to find the products they want and vendors struggle to showcase their products affordably. The more success centralized ecommerce companies achieve, the worse the problem becomes. Centralized storefronts cannot solve the discovery problem they created.

Decentralization Drives Product Discovery

SesameOpen solves the product discovery challenge by enabling venues to curate and promote products to massive consumer audiences. These venues join vendors and consumers to form a decentralized commerce network governed by the SesameOpen Protocol, using blockchain technology and applying token economics to incentivize all participants to join, use, and grow the network.

Decentralized Processes

Any venue can setup a marketplace, any vendor can offer its products, and any consumer can make purchases without a middleman among them.

Trusted Transactions

All network participants can confidently transact because blockchain-based smart contracts and reserved escrows guarantee good behavior.

Aligned Incentives

Token economics create the right incentives for all network participants to transact and accelerate the growth of the commerce network.

Network Effect Accelerates a New Local Economy

Consumers get the convenience and low price of online shopping with more relevant and interesting product choices.

Vendors grow sales profitably through a new channel with more efficient, targeted marketing and lower cost of sales.

Venues increase revenue by targeting consumers with curated products without the need to carry store inventory.

SesameOpen Expands Ecommerce to High-Traffic Venues

Airport lounges offering ebooks and digital magazines for guests to read free or buy for their flights

Dog parks selling pet-related products and services directly to owners and dog walkers

Spas and salons showcasing a range of beauty products while their clients get services

Luxury goods companies curating new products at high-end hotels to reach the right buyers effectively

Rock bands offering discounted tickets at coffee shops, bars, and restaurants in local communities

Publishers sponsoring book fairs at K12 schools where students can read and pre-order ebooks

Founding Team

Henry He
Product & Engineering

Founder & CEO at Foli
Google, Nortel Networks
Wharton MBA, MS/BS in CE/CS
Expert in IP Routing, Security
8 patents granted

Brandon Bidlack
Marketing & Community

20+ years of tech marketing
OpenTable, HP
Kellogg MBA
BS in MechE

Manuel Rincon-Cruz
Token Monetary Policy

Macroeconomic Advisor
BCG, Goldman Sachs
Stanford in Financial History
Harvard AB/AM

Danny Yang
Blockchain Technology Advisor

Founder at Blockseer
Founder at Maicoin,
Stanford PhD/MS in CS
Harvard BA


Niall Ferguson
Renowned Economic Historian

Senior Fellow at Hoover Institution/Stanford
Senior Fellow at European Studies/Harvard
Founder and MD at Greenmantle
Benjamin Franklin Award for Public Service
Author of 15 books