Community Creates $100T Commerce 3.0 Economy Together

Decentralization marks the beginning of a new era in commerce - Commerce 3.0. SesameOpen Protocol will power the community to create the $100T commerce economy together and capture the value it builds.

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Internet has disrupted commerce by enabling a new low-price business model. The biggest winner in Commerce 2.0 is Amazon with $1,000B in market cap.

For the same reason, blockchain will disrupt commerce by enabling a new token-based business model. The biggest winner in Commerce 3.0 will be token holders who capture the $10,000B+ value they create.

Commerce 3.0

A Community Oriented, Owned and Operated (c3o) Commerce Network

For the very first time, the community can shape the enormous commerce economy. Anyone is empowered to earn new income by operating a storefront and curating products tailored to the unique community needs. The community, as shared owners of the network, keeps the value it creates and maximizes its value by working together collectively to grow the Commerce 3.0 economy.

SesameOpen Protocol has the best token economics design to create long-term, sustainable, non-speculative value for token holders and to drive rapid growth and success of the Commerce 3.0 economy.


Reward Everyone to Collaborate

Low Price Incentive

Add value to the economy by attracting transactions away from other channels

Strong Network Effect

Drive rapid growth of the commerce network and non-speculative utility token demand

Natural Inclusiveness

Expand Commerce 3.0 economy to transactions for all categories globally to reach $100T in size

Thought Leaders

Giving Back To Community

Core Team

Experts Across All Key Domains

Henry He

Product & Engineering

Founder & CEO at Foli
Google, Nortel Networks
Wharton MBA, MS/BS in CE/CS
Expert in IP Routing, Security
8 patents granted

Brandon Bidlack

Marketing & Community

20+ years of tech marketing
OpenTable, HP
Kellogg MBA
BS in MechE

Danny Yang

Blockchain Technology Advisor

Founder at Blockseer
Founder at Maicoin,
Stanford PhD/MS in CS
Harvard BA

Manny Rincon-Cruz

Token Monetary Policy

Macroeconomic Advisor
BCG, Goldman Sachs
Stanford in Financial History
Harvard AB/AM

Niall Ferguson

Renowned Economic Historian

Sr Fellow at Hoover Institution
Sr Fellow at European Studies/Harvard
Founder and MD at Greenmantle
Benjamin Franklin Award
Author of 15 books